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What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows, also referred to as “hurricane windows”, offer excellent protection against flying debris during hurricane weather conditions. In fact, impact windows are meant to survive a hit from a 9-pound object moving at 35 miles per hour. The glass is made up of a shatterproof middle layer that is sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass. This middle layer is usually made up of a plastic membrane that varies in thickness. Once the outer layer of glass has been compromised, the shattered pieces stick to the inner plastic membrane. Through its genius design, impact windows absorb the impact of flying debris while staying totally intact. As a result, impact windows are able to protect your home from the destructive effects of a storm.

Additionally, impact windows are great for keeping out home invaders. Its three-layer design makes it nearly impossible for a criminal to break the glass and enter your home. Knowing that your family is safe in any situation is priceless.

Impact windows are a great alternative to shutters and plywood because they are permanently in place and offer protection against any storm at any time. No more putting up shutters one by one and no more cutting plywood. Impact windows offer excellent protection year round, without any work. They also provide great energy efficiency. South Florida is notorious for being extremely hot in the summer time and installing impact windows in your home can greatly reduce the costs of energy bills. Impact glass also provides 99% UV protection and protects your home from harmful ultra violet rays.

Another great advantage to impact windows is noise reduction. Through the mixture of thick glass and less air infiltration, impact windows shelter you from the outside noise and allow you to live more peacefully in your home. Additionally, impact glass requires no special maintenance and is more scratch resistant than standard glass windows.

When it comes to strength, quality, reliability, and efficiency nothing compares to impact windows. Ensure that your family is safe year round by contacting Vico Windows today for the highest quality impact windows in South Florida.

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