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Shutters or Impact Windows?

With the ascending trend of strong hurricanes and storms, it is now more important than ever to have sufficient protection for your property and loved ones. For most people living in South Florida, the devastating effects of strong wind and debris have been felt directly. As a result, the building code has been updated in Florida and now requires that windows and doors pass certain hurricane wind pressure tests. Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows are some of the most popular options out there for protecting your home. But which one is right for you?

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters tend to be less expensive and therefore, a viable option for the money conscious homeowner. They can be more affordable because you can just install them directly over the existing window. However, like anything else, hurricane shutters do have their drawbacks. One common issue is the fact that no light can come through the window when shutters are installed. This makes your home feel dreary and gloomy. The time it would take and the inconvenience of having to install and uninstall hurricane shutters, every time there is an impending storm, may be a serious factor to consider as well. This could also be a huge issue if you are trying to protect a vacation home. Who is going to be there to install and uninstall the shutters?

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Impact Windows

Impact windows, another option for protecting your home, are very popular among homeowners today. They offer 24-HR security not only from storms, but also from robbers and criminals. This security, however, does not come at the expense of your home’s appearance. In fact, impact windows are totally customizable and can give your home a more natural look. Additionally, there is no time commitment and no hassle of installing and uninstalling. Impact windows offer a permanent solution to home protection. Do not fear if a window or door does eventually break because impact windows have shatter-resistant glass. As a result, nothing will penetrate the glass, but you still may need to replace the windows or doors if they have been shattered. Impact windows are also an excellent choice for noise reduction. The thick glass creates noise insulation in the house and is a great choice for people living next to busy streets or highways. Impact windows also keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out. This also lowers electricity bills by keeping the temperature inside your home cooler.

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