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We work only with the best Impact Windows and Doors in the Market.

Vico Windows, Inc. offers professional replacement and repair work with over 50 years experience. We service condos, residential and most commercial buildings in Broward County. We repair most brands and types of windows, doors and screens. Vico offers glass replacement as well for most window brands, including all the brands we offer.

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What are Impact Windows?

Impact Windows & Doors utilize a form of glass called “impact resistant glass”, which is comprised of two sheets of glass with an exceptionally strong polymer interlayer sandwiched between them. This “interlayer” will keep the glass together should it be shattered, thus preventing damage and injury that can happen as a result of the excessive wind, water, & debris that a tropical storm can bring. The main advantage of having Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in South Florida is not having the need for storm shutters when a storm approaches. Anyone that has put up storm shutters one by one can tell you how much of a hassle this can save, especially if your home or condo has multiple stories. Impact Resistant Glass can withstand the equivalent impact of a 2×4 travelling at 50 fps (feet per second). This type of protection also helps prevent forced entry in a home as the inner layer is not easily penetrated even if the glass is shattered. Another fantastic benefit of Impact Windows is the added equity to your property as well as the possible reduction in Insurance Premiums We also offer Fort Lauderdale Window Replacement Services!

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I shopped around with no success. They gave me the best rate and quality job I could find. The office is very clean and professional and the staff is excellent. That helped me make my decision because I want the job to be done right the first time by the true professionals! Definitely visit their office and you will see and believe the quality of the company. Thanks a million
John Vargas

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