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Which Molding To Choose With Your Impact Windows

Once you have decided on the type of windows you would like for your home its time to add some molding around your windows. Casing and moldings can not only add beauty around your windows but casings, which are usually installed along with the window, are used on the outside of your home after installation to ensure that the window is sealed off. This stops air from seeping through as well as keeping out water and unwanted pests! Moldings used on the inside of the home are more for aesthetics but also help complete the seal.

When choosing your indoor moldings for your home you have a few options to choose from. Complete moldings, low profile moldings and high profile moldings. They all offer different aesthetic benefits and the options you choose are really based on your preference more than anything.

Complete moldings are moldings that cover all four sides of the window. They are usually a little more minimalistic because you don’t want something that is too bulky around your window. Typically you would like to choose a molding that matches the rest of the molding in your home.

Low profile moldings usually only cover the bottom of the window and are usually more utilitarian than decorative. Typically it is a molding that lays flat against your wall and helps tie the window to your home as well as further help maintain the interior temperature of your home.

High profile moldings offer the most variety and can not only cover your entire window but can also offer additional space with a wall ledge. Typically used on more traditional homes, high profile moldings add bulk around the window almost the same way a frame adds to a painting.

Our excellent installation team can not only make sure your impact windows are installed properly but also guide you beyond installation, and help you decide which type of molding would be the best fit for you. We hope that these tips will help you understand a little more as to what goes into picking the right windows for you!

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