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Benefits of Impact Windows in South Florida

Windows that can withstand a hurricane sound like a great idea, but just how beneficial is it to have impact windows in Fort Lauderdale? Let’s look at three reasons why you should consider the benefits of impact windows.

1) Building codes covering windows are increasing in stringency across the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast after many devastating hurricanes in the last 25 years. Among those regions, Florida is the strictest state when it comes to these building codes. Having impact windows in Ft Lauderdale will allow you to stay up to date with city building codes that help keep you, your property, and your family safe.

2) Fort Lauderdale, like any other city, can be a dangerous place at times. A Federal investigation showed that 67% of all burglaries involved forced entry, and over 50% of those occurred during the day. Impact windows in your Fort Lauderdale home will help prevent a possible robbery at your home.

3) Another benefit of living in a bustling area like Fort Lauderdale is the availability of entertainment and fun right outside your door. However, once your close your doors and try and get some rest, those same sounds can be very disturbing for your mental health. At Vico Windows Inc, we provide the highest quality impact windows in Ft Lauderdale. Our top quality impact windows will keep out so much outside sound, that you’ll find yourself noticing that aspect more than anything else!

As you can see, having impact windows in Fort Lauderdale is not just for catching 2×4’s in factory demonstration rooms, but it will enhance the look, feel, performance, and safety of your home.

Florida has long been hailed as the hurricane capital, and Fort Lauderdale is always on the radar it seems. Being right on the sunny, warm, eastern coast of the Atlantic ocean, and on the southern end of the country, we here in Ft Lauderdale get the biggest hit sometimes when hurricanes roll through. Don’t be caught off guard, and don’t be caught without impact windows in Ft Lauderdale. And with all the added benefits listed above, it’s not just about hurricane protection, it’s about the quality of life. So call us today at (954) 563-5686 and have Vico Windows install your Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale.

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