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Benefits of Impact Glass Doors

Impact windows and glass have become the standard when building in and around the South Florida area. After Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed. This subsequently led to the loss of hundreds of lives in Miami and surrounding cities. As a result, South Florida updated their building codes and made it mandatory for all new homes and business to be built with hurricane and storm resistant materials. This included everything from windows, doors, and roofs. These new building codes greatly increased the safety and security of the structures in and around the city.

Impact resistant doors and windows come in two different forms. The less expensive option includes windows that are wrapped with a transparent film. These windows hold together the glass once it has been impacted. This type of impact resistant glass was the original design and had been used for many years. Today, updates have been made in the technology and impact resistant glass is better than ever.

The glass most commonly used today is what’s called “inner-membrane glass”. This type of glass uses two glass panels pressed together and has a clear film of polyvinyl butaryl. The polyvinyl butaryl holds the glass together in the event that the glass shatters.

When impact glass shatters, the brunt of the impact is dissipated and the glass takes the shock. The glass does shatter, but the thin film or the polyvinyl butaryl maintains the structure of the window or door. This prevents air pressure from being sucked out during a storm and could potentially save your home from structural damage.

Impact-resistant glass windows and doors are also great because they keep you safe during strong winds or storms. Additionally, they are able to keep unwanted intruders from entering your home.

The final advantage to using impact-resistant glass or doors is that they provide a barrier between you and harmful UV rays. This helps keep your home cool and keeps you and your family safe from the damaging effects of the sun.

Vico Windows Inc. takes pride in their work and wants to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. We only use the highest quality of impact windows and doors. We understand what Floridians need and want to help protect families in our community. Our goal is to bring safety, peace of mind, and beauty to you and your home.

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