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Vico Windows, Inc. exists to serve its community with integrity, reverence, and responsibility that will raise the standards of, not only our industry, but every industry. We will work diligently to offer state-of-the-art products and services by forming solid alliances with quality organizations. Our people will work efficiently and effectively to keep our prices competitive while maintaining the highest level of value to our customers.

About VICO Window

Established in 1958, Vico Windows, Inc. is the model of a family owned and operated business. Many businesses in our area claim to be a “family” business, but most fall short of that assertion. With deep roots in South Florida, we strive to expand our family to include our past, present, and future customers. From initial contact, we begin the process of building long-lasting relationships.

As important as building relationships, we operate with a philosophy that, to achieve long-term success, we must build value in the products and services we offer. This philosophy began at Vico’s inception and continues today. Our passion to achieve excellence begins with our strict adherence to our business philosophies.

You can count on us to give you the peace of mind that comes from working with such an established organization. We’d love to welcome you into our Vico family.


I shopped around with no success. They gave me the best rate and quality job I could find. The office is very clean and professional and the staff is excellent. That helped me make my decision because I want the job to be done right the first time by the true professionals! Definitely visit their office and you will see and believe the quality of the company. Thanks a million
John Vargas

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